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Multidimensional Creator

Ravynne's Eye Photography

In the beginning, there was a girl with a camera. She hid behind the lens, capturing the beauty of life; for losses were a common occurrence for her. From losing the man who raised her at ten years old, to losing her identity as a teenager by discovering a family secret. She knew one day, the camera would help her take flight, the Ravynne could soar.

FuEgo SoulArt

Completely lost, she set out on a mission to find herself. Knowing only half of the story, the journey to herself began. Words became meaningless, because nothing could explain the veil lifting. Seeking an outlet to the madness that became her mind, she discovered the artist within. Her twisted reality because evident in the abstract art she created.

Sea Starr Originals

The chaos of the hurricane settled. She began to see the world in an entirely new light. The lessons of her elders all sank in, the light shone brighter than she ever thought she could. It was in the darkness when she was lost and alone that she realized she was all that she has ever searched for. She realized that it was always her all along. She was who she was searching for in everyone she met.

K. Sea Starr

This is a girl born and raised in the Star City. A rather large city in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Made of stardust, and born into the Star City during a new moon, a time of planting new intentions, magic happened. The journey has been rocky, and the mountains out of the dark valley were huge lessons to overcome.

Moving to the Space Coast in the search of herself, she discovered a passion for twisting reality into pieces of art. From a beautiful sunrise from the warm beaches of the Space Coast, to a picture of trash can digitally altered, there is beauty in everything, with the right perceptive. Realizing the life lessons, she found balance of herself and her ego, that part that thinks we are separate and not whole within ourselves. 

Fighting the fears that burned so deeply in what could happen if she succeeded, she accepted her purpose for being here. She realized that she was a Sea Starr meant to shine bright to bring other people home to themselves. To be her original self so that others may feel comfortable to be themselves as well. To spread love and light to those who may be in a dark time. 


#op4op - Original Pieces for Original People

I started this hashtag to help bring a comfortable peace to being original. So what if you like that one thing no one agrees with. Be you, and the world will adjust. At Sea Starr Originals, the quirky and more original you are, the more we accept and love you!